Restoration of Velella (ex Cornish Lady, sail no:154), a Kingfisher K20 twin bilge keel yacht from Plymouth UK

Here is ‘Velella’, she used to be called ‘Cornish Lady’ and before that in 1990 she was called ‘Puffin’.

You’ll see why we called her Velella later on.

She is sail number 154 on the KYOA website fleet number list.

Velella is a 20ft Kingfisher K20 twin cast iron bilge keel family cruiser, built between 1959 and 1967. I will add a more accurate date when I get more information from the KYOA (Kingfisher Yacht Owners Association). KYOA can be found here:




So why name her Velella?

Well a few years ago after a storm I found a load of these little sea creatures on a place called Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire West Wales UK, I had spent yrs working at Sea, lived by the Sea all my life and never had come across these before, and they were stunning to look at!

This is what they look like, but most importantly they are commonly called ‘By the wind Sailors’!!

velella 1

Well because we are going to paint our Kingfisher K20 blue and because it also is a ‘By The Wind Sailor’,

Velella it is!

Oh and I must add this bit so I don’t take the credit, it was my wife’s idea!

Actually she said call it ‘by the wind sailor’ to which I replied, ‘that’s too long to paint on her’, but the text book name might be o.k?

Velella Velella

The following on posts will be of her restoration and then sailing her!


4 thoughts on “Restoration of Velella (ex Cornish Lady, sail no:154), a Kingfisher K20 twin bilge keel yacht from Plymouth UK

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Kingfisher ownership,in my humble opinion the best little yachts around(although i must admit to being a bit biased!
    Good luck,Glenn

    • Thanks Glenn

      I look forward to exchanging tips, ideas, and following each others blog I hope to get mine in the water this year, but want to do a thorough quality refurb so after I can just sail and minimum maintain for years to come.Also just a thought, I think you have seen this blog already but just in case there is a Guy called Bob in Cheseapeake U.S.A doing a great blog and putting up drawings etc of his K20 refurb,
      its here

  2. Well this looks like its going to a great WP Blog. To boat and sailing boat enthusiasts that is. Especially Kingfisher owners. It seems that every blog I read about Kingfishers on the internet, it is by owners who have rescued them. Well that might be overstating facts.

    Now what’s missing on this new blog, is the STORY of the journey down to Plymouth, South Devon on the border of Cornwall, from as far West in Wales as you can go, Pembrokeshire, to collect the Kingfisher and the first look inside down in that cabin on the slipway of a tidy sized boatyard. I was Max Boyce says, with my son. However I will wait and let him tell the story. After all its his boat, but I am as excited as him I believe.

    However reading the blogs of the latest owners when they first visited the Kingfisher boat to buy it, looked it over, crawled down into the cabins, sorted out previous owners left over bits and rubbish, then started to restore it, by first tearing our old wall covering fabrics and carpets, well overdue for a change, these blogs are all so similar, but they make great reading for the latest owners of old Kingfishers. It might be nice to read about someone who purchased a spanking brand new Kingfisher some 20 years or more ago and what joy it gave them, their voyages and when and why they sold it on.

    Well hope you enjoy this blog, look forward to reading more.

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